Workplace design

Efficiently combining architecture and construction

To simplify the architect > consultant > procurement process for workplace design, we often work alongside our sister company Albyn Design & Build.

By packaging up both the architectural and construction services as one, the client will spend less time coordinating various consultants and managing the process, and the project can be on-site far quicker.

The benefits of this approach

Provides clients with flexibility, and the ability to incorporate changes and upgrades throughout both the design and build phases, without costly penalties

We continually review and advise on procurement, timescale, cost and buildability, to ensure the project remains on schedule and is viable

With each trade package tendered, the client can be sure the project is delivered for the best price without having to compromise on the design

We organise every aspect of the project, including the architectural drawings, design team consultants, council approvals and the site teams

Regular meetings and site reports, ensuring the client is kept fully informed of progress, timescale and budget

Fixed costs during the construction phase, providing cost certainty for the client

Part of our remit as architectural designers is researching new products and methods - a benefit you'll rarely see with contractor-led design and build companies.

From the initial consultation, it's our job to gain your trust and ensure that we also gain all the information necessary from you to fulfil your brief.

We offer a full turnkey service, managing all the necessary professions and trades under one roof, with a single point of contact to help you all through the project to completion.

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