Sauchen Loft Conversion

Carrying out a loft conversion is a great way of adding floor space to your house. For this project Albyn Architects converted redundant space into additional Bedrooms, Shower Room, Store and additional Living area.

The existing loft space was converted into 2 large Bedrooms, complete with seating area and Shower Room. The existing ceiling height was already generous, so there was no need to add in dormers. Instead, rooflights were added to provide natural daylight into each of the new rooms.

The ground floor layout was altered to accommodate the new stair, create an open plan Kitchen/Dining space, including the installation of a new kitchen, and additional Cloakroom. The existing chimney was also removed to create more floor space in the Living Room and Bedroom.


  • Following completion of the Feasibility Study, Albyn Architects obtained Building Warrant approval from the council.
  • Appointed Structural Engineer, to carry out structural design.
  • Arranged competitive tender, and appointed builder on a fixed price contract.
  • Carried out site inspections, liaising with the client, builder and council during the construction stage, to completion of the build.

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