Belmont Street Reimagined

Albyn Architects worked with four independent local businesses to look into the reimagining of Belmont Street.

Four businesses with a local interest in the street have combined efforts to collectively petition for licensed on-street seating areas. Siberia, Melt, The Tippling House and Latinway are four independently-owned food and drink businesses eager to see the city centre, and specifically Belmont Street, evolve into a shared, safe social space, comparable to the likes of Ashton Lane in Glasgow and Rose Street in Edinburgh.

One of the endearing hallmarks of the Covid pandemic has been the number of local businesses getting together to collaborate in order to survive. Businesses such as The Tippling House and Latinway working to create an outdoor area, serving up Latinway’s trademark Latin American street food alongside cocktails, Scottish craft beers and premium spirits from The Tippling House.


- Visualisations. Albyn Architects created artist impressions of the areas around the businesses to demonstrate the potential that the streetscape has to offer.

- Licence Drawings. Prepared drawings of proposed outdoor areas/marquees to allow for amendment to Alcohol Licence.

- Building Warrant Approval for Marquees. Preparation and submission of Building Warrant application for the continued use of marquees.

Does your business require Building Warrant approval for a Marquee?

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