Albyn Architects aim to make the architectural process as straight forward as possible, by providing expertise in design, project management and delivering projects on site.

We tailor our services to each client, by meeting clients as part of an initial (free) consultation. This enables us to understand your project requirements, develop a project brief and provide advice on the best way to deliver your project. 

The below is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions which clients tend to ask. However, if you have any project specific questions, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss. 

Q: How much do Architect’s services cost?

A: Albyn Architects aim to provide fixed costs for all architectural services. Providing a fixed cost Feasibility Study, as an initial stage, and reporting full Project Costs and Project Services once we have a produced a design which satisfies the client brief. Once agreed, the fees will not increase unless there is a change in the scope of works. 

Q: How much does building work cost?

A: Building cost is dependant on the scale, design and complexity of the proposals. However, we typically find building work is costed as follows: –

Residential (New build/Extensions)

Excludes supply of kitchen, sanitaryware, flooring/tiling and is dependant on the structural alterations.

  • £1700 +VAT / sqm (Ground floor)
  • £850 +VAT / sqm (1st floor – building above new ground floor structure)

Commercial (Fit out/Refurbishments)

Excludes M&E items and is dependant on the structural alterations.

  • £200 +VAT / sqm (Basic spec)
  • £500 +VAT / sqm (Medium spec)
  • £700 +VAT / sqm (High spec)

Albyn Architects obtain cost estimations from local contractors as part of the initial Feasibility stage, allowing clients to make informed decisions, prior to moving ahead with obtaining approvals.

Q: What is a Feasibility Study?

A: Albyn Architects typically carry out a Feasibility Study, as the initial stage. This includes: – 

  • Measurement survey of the property.
  • Existing and proposed design drawings.
  • 3D visualisations.
  • Meeting to discuss the design proposals.
  • Cost estimation for the building work.
  • Albyn Architects can then report the Project Costs and Project Services for the complete project.

Q: Do you provide services through to the completion of the project?

A: Albyn Architects work with clients from the initial conception of the project right though to the completion of the project. Dealing with all aspects of the project, including; liaising with the council, appointing the structural engineer, consultants, building contractors and inspecting the building work on site.

Q: Do you arrange the building contractors? 

A: Albyn Architects work with a trusted selection of local building contractors. Inviting the most suitable contractors to provide fixed tenders for the building project. We then meet up with the best placed contractor to run through the details of their tender allowances, allowing clients to meet the contractors and providing them with the opportunity to ask any questions they may have, before appointing the chosen contractor.

Q: How long will the project take to complete?

A: This is dependant on the type, size and complexity of each project. However, Albyn Architects typically aim to turn round project stages as follows: –

  • Feasibility Study = 2-4 weeks
  • Planning = 2-3 weeks to prepare the drawings, and a further 8 weeks once the application is submitted.
  • Building Warrant = 2-4 weeks, to prepare the drawings and 8 weeks once the application is submitted.
  • Tender = 3-4 weeks, for the contractors to report their tender costs. Appointment of the chosen contactor once meetings have taken place and the client is satisfied to proceed.
  • Construction = Appointed contractor to confirm the duration of works at the Tender stage.

Q: Will the project costs increase during the Construction stage?

A: Albyn Architects work with building contractors who provide fixed price tender costs. The only areas where additional costs would arise is if the client wishes to alter the project on site, changes the specification, or something unknown is discovered when opening up the existing building (typically groundworks or structural items) 

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a particular building project, please Contact Us to arrange a FREE consultation.